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Officer Opportunities

“A good leader must sometimes be stubborn. Armed with the courage of his convictions, he must often fight to defend them. When he has come to a decision after thorough analysis - and when he is sure he is right - he must stick to it, even to the point of stubbornness." - General Omar N. Bradley Address to the US Army Command and General Staff College, May 1967

Leadership is influencing people, by providing purpose, direction, and motivation, while operating to accomplish the mission and improve the organization.

Influencing means getting people to do what you want them to do. It is the means or method to achieve two ends: operating and improving. But there’s more to influencing than simply passing along orders. The example you set is just as important as the words you speak. You set an example, good or bad, with every action you take and word you utter, on or off duty. Through your words and example, you must communicate purpose, direction and motivation.

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