soliders having church service in field
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Guard Chaplains

Chaplains are leaders in the Guard, responsible for caring for the spiritual well-being of Soldiers and their Families. They provide advice in matters pertaining to religion, morals and morale.

As a Guard Chaplain, you'll lead a Unit Ministry Team (UMT), which consists of you and a trained Chaplain Assistant (an enlisted Soldier trained to support Chaplains during their missions and everyday activities). You'll minister to Soldiers day to day, performing religious ceremonies, counseling Soldiers during times of crisis and providing a spiritual compass.

Chaplains are non-combatants so you won't carry a weapon. Security will be provided by your Chaplain Assistant.

If you're already an ordained minister, you can earn your commission and begin your ministry to Guard Soldiers as soon as you complete the Chaplain Officer Basic Leader Course (CH-BOLC). To learn more about Chaplain duties, eligibility requirements and training, visit

Prepare to serve as a Chaplain Candidate.

If you join the National Guard prior to your ordination, you'll enter as a Chaplain Candidate. In addition to general officer eligibility, to qualify as a Chaplain Candidate, you'll need to obtain an ecclesiastical approval from your denomination or faith group. Find out more about the requirements and training for Chaplain Candidates by visiting

Learn about Chaplain incentives and benefits.

As a National Guard chaplain, you'll start as an officer, so you’ll earn excellent pay—especially for part-time service. The Guard helps honor your service and commitment with a number of incentives. Learn more about pay, incentives and other benefits at